Our Mission

Robust scientific inference and evidence-based decision making require data that informs the underlying objective or question. Accordingly, study design and data collection must be question-specific and should not be generalised. The higher the stakes, the greater the required confidence. Confidence in results is achieved through (1) appropriate experimental design, (2) proper data analysis, and (3) effective and honest visualisation.

At EnviroStats Solutions, we provide expert advice and consultation through data analysis, visualisation, and interpretation to anyone operating in the environmental space. With our long-standing experience in applied and fundamental research, we are ideally positioned to support you in all aspects of evidence-based decision making starting from experimental design to final recommendations.

Further, we will share our expertise and knowledge in data analysis and environmental statistics through customised workshops and training courses addressing your specific needs. We are experienced users of the R Environment for Statistical Computing with over 10 years of experience.